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Welcome to Mrs. Tracy Dalton's

Instructional Coach Website


Class Culture Statement

As a teacher, I value the following:


“I believe that everyone should be treated with courtesy and fairness.”

  • The class is a place where all students are valued.
  • Students will treat themselves, peers, staff, and visitors with respect and follow behavior expectations.
  • The teacher will treat himself, students, colleagues, parents, and visitors with professionalism.


“I believe that students, parents, and teachers are accountable for teaching and learning.”

  • Students are responsible for having materials ready for class, completing all assignments, and maintaining appropriate behavior that supports learning.
  • Parents are responsible for providing a home environment that supports their child’s learning and encourages on-time, full day student attendance.
  • The teacher is responsible for effective teaching of educational standards, maintaining a classroom that promotes learning, seeking ongoing professional development, and being a positive leader.


“I believe that students, parents, teachers, and the community must share and work together to achieve our educational goals.”

  • The class is a living organization consisting of students, parents, teachers, and the community.
  • The community must support the class and help prepare its future leaders and citizens.
  • The teacher must support the community by providing an educated workforce and teaching civic responsibility.
  • The teacher, parents, and students must all support each other to provide the best education possible.


“I believe that students, parents, and teachers must have effective, prompt, and open communication of our joint interest in teaching and learning.”

  • Students should participate in the classroom and give the teacher feedback for understanding, or a lack of understanding, of classroom instruction.
  • Parents should contact the teacher with any concerns they have related to their child’s education and reply to any communication from the teacher.
  • The teacher should contact parents with any concerns he has related to students’ education and reply to any communication from the parent.